The Life You’ve Always Wanted (John Ortberg)

Title: The Life You’ve Always Wanted

6 sessions on transforming ordinary people through spiritual disciplines

Author: John Ortberg, with Stephen and Amanda Sorenson

Duration: 6 sessions of at least 2-3 hours each (more ideal) or possible to break material down into more sessions of shorter duration.



Each study brings the small group through some introductory questions, followed by a video teaching sessions, questions on the video teaching, then questions for group discussion. Each study then ends with a call to action session for each participant’s personal journey – with a part to be completed within the session (and maybe shared and prayer over) and another part for each participant to complete on their own.  The spiritual disciplines touched on during the 6 sessions are: solitude, joy, prayer, meditation on scripture, service and perseverence.



This study is suitable for small groups with matured believers keen to really put in efforts in their Christian walk.  It will be most effective amongst committed members who are comfortable with holding each other accountable.



Minimal preparation is required for leaders and participants before the sessions, but all participants must be willing to spend time following up and putting what they’ve learnt during each session into practice after.

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