Revelation – The Wiersbe Bible Study Series (In Christ You Are an Overcomer)

8 Sessions, with an additional bonus session.

Warren Wiersbe

This bible study follows closely Wiersbe’s commentary on Revelation, titled “Be Victorious”. In each session, Wiersbe attempts to provide an exegesis of Revelation and thereafter attempts to draw application and implication questions. This study is flexible, in the sense that it can be used as a simple study guide, or the questions can be further probed and stretched to be complex.

The study outline is as follows:

Lesson 1: Unveiling, Revelation 1

Lesson 2: The Churches, Revelation 2-3

Lesson 3: Worship and Wrath, Revelation 4-7

Lesson 4: Judgement and Testimony, Revelation 8-11

Lesson 5: A Terrible Trio, Revelation 12-13

Lesson 6: Voice, Revelation 14-16

Lesson 7: Destruction, Revelation 17-18

Lesson 8: The Kingdom, Revelation 19-22



- “Be Victorious”, Wiersbe’s Revelation Commentary

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