Paul for Everyone: Romans Part 1 – Chapters 1-8 (Tom Wright)

Title: Paul for Everyone: Romans Part 1

A detailed commentary of Romans Chapters 1-8, breaking down the chapters and verses into 38 parts and explaining them in fairly plain English.

Author: Tom Wright

Duration: For personal reading, probably a couple of weeks. There are 38 parts of about 3-5 pages each. For group study, probably at least 8 sessions.



The writer first explains the good news Paul brought to the Roman Christians, then explains the various problems (sinful behaviour and beliefs) which are causing them to miss out on the salvation God provides (Rom Chaps 1-2). He then moves on to explain God’s grace given through His Son the new covenant and also explained that this new salvation is for both Jews and Gentiles (Rom Chaps 3-4). He then elaborates on God’s instructions on effective Christian living (Rom Chaps 5-7). Finally he speaks of the renewed hope in Jesus Christ (Rom 8).



This study is better for individual reading rather than group study. Group discussion after individual members have read the various studies might be useful though.

It is good for a both new believers seeking to understand what the gospel and Christian living really entails, as well as matured believers seeking to deepen their understanding on how to lead a life of sanctification.

What is nice about the study is it provides a glossary at the back on common “christian terms” or greek words.



All group members would need to read the various assigned chapters before each group discussion for there to be any useful discussions.  The leader would also need to think of some questions before the sessions to guide the discussion along as there are none provided in the book.



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