Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Hebrews – The Incomparable Christ

Title: Hebrews – The Incomparable Christ

12 sessions to study the differences between the old law and the new covenant which Christ has brought

Author: Max Lucado


Duration: 12 sessions


Every study brings participants through

(I) a process of reflection before

(II) sharing briefly the background/situation the author of Hebrews was writing in

(III) and then the book provides the scripture text in 2 translations (NCV or NKJV).

(IV) There will be some exploratory questions,

(V) followed by a short passage written by Max Lucado to inspire the participants,

(VI) before some reaction questions.

(VII) Finally, the study concludes with some life lessons

(VIII) as well as a suggested prayer

(IX) and also suggested readings for further study.

(X) There is also a page provided for participants to journal their reflections.



The study is suitable for participants who have some basic familiarity with bible characters and the old laws/covenant as well as what Jesus has done/the new covenant, and deepens their understanding/appreciation of it.


Efforts needed:

Very easy for participants to follow and leaders to facilitate discussion n sharing, but no extra help given to leaders for any preparation. Leaders probably would take 40-60mins to prep each study (as in do the qns first).






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