John – For Everyone Bible Study Guide

By Tom Wright

26 Sessions to cover 21 Chapters in the Gospel of John

Each session has the same structure:

Introduction – Short story to begin the session
Opening Question
Study: Passage to be covered that session
Questions: 11-13 questions

As you can see from the number of questions each session has, the questions form the bulk of the teaching. These are inductive in nature as it helps the reader to understand what is happening in the passage by observation, interpretation and application. Mainly observation and application. There isn’t aids to provide further exegesis of the text so this would not be a exegetical bible study. But this means if you would like to provide more “meat” for the study, the one leading would need to prepare ahead for it.

Honestly I found some questions to be more difficult to go in depth in a group setting. My suggestion would be to keep these questions for “buddy times” leaving it to be discussed in a pair. Example of a question would be “how might we guard ourselves against the temptation to turn away from Jesus in the face of his often difficult and demanding words to us?”. Sure you can go round the table discussing this question, but it would do it justice unless you ask what could be a specific word that you find God asking you, before answering how you can guard against turning away.

Preparation: Some as most of the questions are useful in understanding the passages. But you would need to prepare for background information for the passage as it’s not provided in the leaders notes/ book. There also may be too many questions and you would want to read through first to see which to skip depending on how much time you have allocated for bible study. Each session slightly more than 10 questions, I feel it’s insufficient to cover all and read the passage in 45-60mins.

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