Isaiah (Interpretation Bible Studies)

One Liner: A basic commentary / expository on the book of Isaiah

Author: Gary W. Light

Duration: 10 Sessions

Synopsis: The book of Isaiah is rich with meaning. Isaiah invites us to explore God’s personal character and develop a deeper understanding of the living God. It is nevertheless a complex book, and a series of 10 sessions definitely does not do it justice.

This series requires participants to have at least already read Isaiah, and have a basic knowledge of the themes in the book. This material then summarizes the overarching message, presenting 5 chapters in a very manageable 5-6 pages. At the end of each chapter is a series of 4-5 questions that attempt to parallel those themes with the issues we face in our society today.

Suitability: Suitable only for mature members only.

Effort of Preparation: If the purpose of the study is just to get a rough overview of Isaiah then little preparation is required. However, to make the study more applicable to our lives today will require more thought and preparation.

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