Faithful to the End (Gordon Wong)

Title: Faithful to the End - The Message of Daniel for Real Life in the Real World

A pastoral approach to the book of Daniel, ie. focused on applying the teachings in the book of Daniel to readers’ everyday lives.

Author: Gordon Wong

Duration: 12-15 sessions



A detailed bible study, almost line-by-line, through the book of Daniel, with applications on topics such as tolerance vs integrity, submission to earthly authority, leadership, compassion, prayer, etc.



This study is recommended for believers who are slightly more matured, though newer believers might also be able to follow the 12 studies, but might not be able to grasp the discussions in the 2 appendices.



This study would probably be most beneficial/effective if all small group members would spend about 20-40mins before the sessions to read the chapter of Daniel being discussed, and the 10-12 pages of commentary/teaching in the book before coming for the small group discussion. The small group can discuss through various sections of the commentary before reaching the 3-4 suggested questions for group discussions at the end of each chapter.  The group can also discuss the “additional notes” section at the end of each chapter after that.

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