Ecclesiastes – Chasing After Meaning

One-Liner: A step by step guide through the book of Ecclesiastes

Author: Bill and Teresa Syrios

Duration: 12 Sessions

Synopsis: This series systematically explores the various themes in the book of Ecclesiastes, centering around the search for meaning in life and how we are to lead our lives in the light of the wisdom given to us in this book.

Each session has roughly 10 questions, but most of the questions are comprehension style. The questions lead participants through the thought process of the Teacher as He comes to terms with the futility of life. There are 2-3 sharing questions per session, but the questions feel overly heavy and may illicit authentic sharing in a young adult setting.

Suitability: This is only suitable for groups with more mature members, with the ability to discuss slightly heavier theological themes of suffering and purpose, among others.

Effort of Preparation: High. A proper discussion of the theological themes explored in Ecclesiastes requires prior study, even with the material provided. If one desires to lead a more sharing-based bible study session, this would require even more thought as to how to pitch this at an appropriate level.

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