Christian Disciplines (Andrea Sterk & Peter Scazzero)

12 sessions

This bible study discusses the necessity for foundational christian disciplines which every disciple is called to practice:

Part 1: Connecting with God (Quiet Time, Prayer, Bible Study, Worship)

Part 2: Reaching Out to Others (Evangelism, Social Justice, Missions, Giving, Discipling)

Part 3: Staying on Track (Time and Gifts, Guidance, Christian Community)

Each session, the basic discipline is studied in the context of a section in the bible. Plenty of application and reflection questions are available.

This study guide is recommended for groups that wish to explore the reason and need for exercising spiritual disciplines. Examples include the need for prayer and quiet time, etc… However, this guide can be a little simplistic. If the leader wishes to have more in-depth answers, it is recommended that external references be used.


- Leader’s Guide

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