Christian Basics: Priorities – Tyranny of the Urgent (Charles Hummel)

Title: Priorities – Tyranny of the Urgent

6 studies that challenges Christians to seek God’s priorities instead of the world’s

Author: Charles Hummel

Duration: 6 sessions



An inductive bible study guide which asks 3 types of questions in every session: Observation, Interpretation and Application questions. The topics of discussion all centre around the difficult decisions God has expected His followers to make and challenges participants to decide if they are ready to prioritise their lives in a similar fashion.



This study will be more beneficial to groups with committed Christians ready to make changes to their lives to become better disciples of Christ.



The guide provides some background and pointers to help leaders prepare. Leaders and participants will benefit most from the study if they are open with sharing their real struggles and keep each other accountable to commitments made during small group sessions.


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