Group Dynamics
Light / Heavy

What makes up light or heavy books?
Light books are intended for a quick read, something that is easy to pick and and everyone should be able to approach the content with ease. Heavy books on the other hand, tend to be books that take more time to get into. These are also books that might be more challenging for young Christians.

Theological Study
Understanding / Analysis / Synthesis

How do you decide what falls into understanding, analysis or synthesis?
Books on Understanding are books that help more to break down the biblical topics into more approachable content. Books on Analysis are books that read deep between the lines of different contexts of the Bible and people. Books on Synthesis are more application questions, taking a step further from reading the text, and into action.

Call to Action
Call to action books are simply about expanding the kingdom of God. Be ready to answer the call!

Length of Study
1-5 Sessions / 6-12 Sessions / More than 13 Sessions

Books for the different duration are meant for the practical groups. These are the recommended lengths of the books based on the book’s sypnosis itself.

For a full list:

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