Be Victorious – In Christ You Are An Overcomer (Warren W. Wiersbe)

13 Sessions with an Introductory Session

NT Commentary on Revelation with reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

By Warren W. Wiersbe

This study is more of an actual book in itself, each chapter has about 12 pages of reading before going into the questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Warren W. Wiersbe has provided a good background in the 12 pages of reading which is easy to read for a Revelation study. Knowing how Revelation is a tremendously difficult book to study, Warren does a good job in providing background information which leads up to the reflection questions – of which there are 9.

For the Contents:

1. A very special book (Revelation 1)
2. Christ and the Churches – Part I (Revelation 2)
3. Christ and the Churches – Part I (Revelation 3)
4. Come, let us adore Him! (Revelation 4-5)
5. The seals and the sealed (Revelation 6-7)
6. Blow the Trumpets (Revelation 8-9)
7. A time for testimony (Revelation 10-11)
8. The terrible trio (Revelation 12-13)
9. Voice of victory (Revelation 14-16)
10. Desolation and destruction! (Revelation 17-18)
11. The King and His Kingdom (Revelation 19-20)
12. All Things New! (Revelation 21-22)

I find that this is not just a good introductory book for Revelation, but also the questions are good enough for discussion. For example, in the Seals and the Sealed, 2. Describe the strength of conviction it must take to be a martyr, to be willing to die for your faith. As well as 8. Think of moments when you have worshipped God with joy and wonder. How do you think that experience will compare with the worship in heaven.

I’d highly recommend this book for a small group studying Revelation for the first time and wish to have discussions beyond the theological space.

Since each person would have to read the 12 pages before going into the discussion questions, there isn’t much preparation for a leader but rather the preparation is standardized throughout the group. I don’t recommend that the facilitator teach as this would take too much time and it would be more of a teaching session then facilitating.

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